The brand Ve.An. Fashion, a new-co, the historic GTS LTD, a leading company in the production and distribution of fashion clothing brands for three generations.

Ve.An. Fashion strong know-how and experience of the parent company, immediately demonstrates commercial and managerial dynamism, strong of a production system that has its roots in a territory where the tailoring school and industrial production come together to create a fund, including the manufacturing sector Italian, one of a kind.

The structure and GTS experience, started its activities through the parallel adoption of the license of the famous brand Alessandro Dell’Acqua Man.
Brand widely known in the national and international scene, the company develops its own concept focusing on two factors of extreme importance in the fashion market: collections 100% Made in Italy.

When research and quality come together, they create a refined style line, a sophisticated wardrobe and modern, with a strong visual impact that takes the form of a job an incremental path of success.
linear and simple shapes, the careful attention to detail, always in line with contemporary trends, dedicated to a demanding and conscious man. The Ve.An. Fashion consolidates its business with the acquisition of the license Alessandro Dell’Acqua Woman and proposing a male and female clothing.

The constant attention to the many demands and needs of the heterogeneous target markets, accompanied by the intense and consistent communication activities through major magazines, online magazine and social contributed to the development of the factors that in a short time have strengthened success and brand awareness in the sector.

In 2019 it joins the prestigious Toma Italian Brands group, a structure that includes other prestigious brands including Havana & Co., Ungaro and Angelo Toma 



Via XI Febbraio, 45 – 74028 Sava TA

Tel/Fax +39 099 972 1587



Via Privata Rezia, 8 (Trav. via Friuli)

20135 Milano ITALY – (+39) 02.76281487


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